Call of Duty: Warzone is combating yet one more game-breaking glitch. Just every week after developer Raven Software tried to repair the infinite stim glitch for the second time, a brand new bug lets gamers flip themselves invisible within the Armored Royale sport mode.

The newest Warzone exploit appears to be much like the helicopter invincibility bug from just a few months in the past, in that it entails gamers entering into the turret of a car to make it work. Unfortunately, to attain invisibility, gamers have been utilizing the armored Cargo Truck, which is important to the Armored Royale sport mode, so Raven couldn’t merely take it out of the sport prefer it did these pesky helicopters.

Instead, Raven opted to easily take away Armored Royale from Warzone’s playlists in the interim. The developer tweeted that the mode was eliminated on Monday and it appears that it’s going to stay out of fee till a repair could be discovered for the disappearing participant drawback.

Warzone’s different sport modes appear to be unaffected by this bug.