A new Chun-Li figure that is both very expensive and very limber is on the way. The Japanese E-Capcom store is now taking orders for it. The 27,280円 (~$260) figure has a July 21, 2021 release date. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

This Chun-Li is a rather tall one, so people would need to make room on shelves or a desk. She’ll stand at 42cm, which is just over 16 inches. It is a completely static figure, so people won’t have extra face plates to adjust her expression or parts to change her pose.

Here’s a closer look at the Capcom Figure Builder Chun-Li model.

Also, if this Chun-Li figure’s design looks a little familiar, there’s a good reason for it. Kinu Nishimura worked on the illustration that resulted in it. However, the official art that inspired its design wasn’t shared on the product page.

Capcom’s Nishimura is known for her character designs. She’s frequently worked on the Street Fighter series, contributing art for older installments, like Street Fighter II, and more ones, like Street Fighter IV. Her art recently appeared on new Capcom Store merchandise.

The Capcom Figure Builder Chun-Li model is available to pre-order at E-Capcom. She’ll be released on July 21, 2021. Some other sites, like Hobby Search, are also accepting pre-orders for her.