CrossCode’s story isn’t over. It turns out Radical Fish has plans. Every platform will get CrossCode A New Home DLC, with the PC version of the add-on arriving first on February 26, 2021. Those playing on that platform will find out what’s next for Lea, ahead of the console DLC debut in Summer 2021.

A New Home will take place after the end of CrossCode. Players will have new places to visit, new puzzles to solve, new music to hear, and a story that spends hours looking at what happened to Lea and everyone after the end of the original adventure.

There’s a new trailer that offers better insight into the things Lea will do and see. It een features the return of lots of familiar faces and a look at the new dungeon. However, if you haven’t beaten CrossCode, there are segments that could spoil some elements for you.

And here are a few screenshots of new areas that won’t spoil CrossCode‘s ending.

CrossCode is available worldwide on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The CrossCode A New Home DLC will appear on PCs on February 26, 2021 and consoles later in Summer 2021.