Among Good Smile Company’s WonHobby 32 announcements were a few Demon Slayer figures. Makomo and Sabito Nendoroids and the Zenitsu figma were revealed. The Nendoroids are entirely new announcements, while this is our first look at a Zenitsu prototype.

When it came to the figures’ announcements, the Demon Slayer Makomo and Sabito Nendoroids were shown together. Which is appropriate, given both help Tanjiro when training for the Final Selection. Each of Sakonji Urokodaki’s kids have their trademark masks. They also might go especially well with the Final Selection Tanjiro Nendoroid.

demon slayer figures sabito and makomo nendoroids

As for the Zenitsu figma, we already knew he was on the way. When the Inosuke figma was shown, he was teased. This is the first unpainted prototype for the character. He has what is essentially his normal expression. He’s also wielding his Nichirin Blade in the pose.

demon slayer zenitsu figma

This builds on an already packed line of Good Smile Company Demon Slayer figures. There are Nendoroids of Tanjiro in normal and Final Selection outfits, Nezuko, Zenitsu, Inosuke, Kyojuro, and Giyu so far. The collection of figmas is still growing, but there have been standard and DX versions of both Tanjiro and Nezuko so far.

Good Smile Company’s latest Demon Slayer Zenitsu, Makomo, and Sabito figures are in development and don’t have release dates yet. However, since the Makomo and Sabito Nendoroids appeared as painted prototypes, we’ll likely see them first.