Dragalia Lost players will get to learn more about Persona 5 Strikers characters Joker and Mona now. The official Twitter account confirmed that the Adventurer Stories for both characters are now in the game. If you happened to be lucky enough to get them from the gacha, you can now read about them interacting with Euden and his friends.

Here’s a teaser for the Dragalia Lost Joker Adventurer Story.

And here’s one for the Mona Adventurer Story.

This means only one Phantom Thief’s story will have to be told in Dragalia Lost soon. Ann “Panther” Takamaki will be added to the game this week. Her summon showcase will appear on February 6, 2021. That banner will also offer Arsene, Joker’s Persona, as a dragon.

Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. Persona 5 Strikers will come to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC on outside Japan on February 23, 2021. The Dragalia Lost Persona 5 Strikers event will run until February 11, 2021.