E3 organizers have responded to the VGC report earlier today alleging an all-digital online E3 2021 was in the works. In a tweet from the official E3 Twitter account, they say they’ve been “hard at work” on the show for this year and that more news on the “full picture” is coming soon. The statement ends saying they are going “back under the box,” capping off the tweet with a Metal Gear Solid gif and a few emojis for good effect.

The full statement reads:

Monday’s off to an exciting start huh? We’ve been hard at work on this year’s event and we can’t wait to provide the *full* picture of the E3 2021 experience. Keep an eye here for more big news from us soon! Until then, we’ll be back under the box.

The E3 tweet comes following a report from VGC about proposals and pitches for an all-online E3 2021 event. As more and more outlets began to pick the story up, it appears the official E3 channels wanted to try to regain at least some control of the narrative around this year’s show. Notable parts of the report include talk of “six-figure costs” to participate in the digital event, major companies confirming to VGC that they won’t be a part of the show, and Geoff Keighley once again distancing himself from E3 in a big way.

In some ways, this response from the E3 organizers mirrors empty statements made around this time last year when it was reported that Sony wouldn’t be attending E3 2020 and additional reports began to paint a bleak picture for the industry event. In pursuit of replacing E3 2020 with a digital event, reports indicated that published rejected pitches by E3 organizers and opted to go their own way instead with independent showcases and events throughout the year. It’s unclear how the pitches for this year differ and if the value proposition is high enough to get exhibitors back on board with the unified show.

The tweet from the E3 account is also having the unintended (or perhaps intended?) side effect of getting people hyped up about a possible Metal Gear Solid remaster/remake/continuation/announcement thanks to the use of the MGS gameplay gif. If I had to guess, it’s unlikely that’s a reveal they have in their pocket and the gif is just un affiliated and careless usage of a popular video game/box-related reference.

If E3 2021 does happen, it will take place from June 15-17, most likely as a digital event due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions that limit in-person gatherings (not to mention the unwillingness of many in the video game industry to gather in person while the pandemic is ongoing).

What do you think? Will E3 make a big return this year? Will it be canceled altogether? Or will E3 2021 land somewhere in between, still happening, but failing to reach the heights the show previously has? Let us know your thoughts.