The Fire Emblem Heroes Valentine’s Day event is on the way, and that means a free Veronica and Love of a King banner with Lif and Thrasir duo unit. The game will be celebrating the Day of Devotion. That means a chance to recruit heroes from Askr and Embla via the gacha and a Lost to Love Tempest Trials+. Everything will begin on February 5, 2021.

First, here’s the Askr king Gustav: Majestic Love. He’s a green, armored axe-wielder. His voice actor is Edward Bosco, and his art was drawn by Daisuke Izuka.

FEH Gustav

Henriette: Overflowing Love, the Askr queen, is a red, armored tome-user. Her voice actress is Mona Marshall, and her art was drawn by Yoshiro Ambe.

FEH Henriette

The Valentine’s Day Alfonse: Uplifting Love is the unit that will be available as a five-star and four-star. He’s a green, armored tome-user. His voice actor is Ray Chase, and his art was drawn by argon.

FEH Alfonse

Finally, there’s Lif: Undying Ties Duo, a unit that pairs him with Thrasir. The pair is a red, tome-using cavalry unit. Edward Bosco voices Lif, while Lizzie Freeman voices Thrasir. The art for the two was drawn by Azusa.

fire emblem heroes valentines lif

Here’s the Love of a King banner trailer. As the Fire Emblem Heroes Valentine’s Day version of Veronica is a Tempest Trials+ reward, her moveset and art aren’t shown off in the trailer.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. The Fire Emblem Heroes Tempest Trials+ with free Valentine’s Veronica will be available February 5-16, 2021. The corresponding banner will be around until March 4, 2021.