The Gnosia Switch version is about to make its debut outside of Japan. Petit Depotto and Playism’s adventure game will appear on the eShop in February 2021. While the eShop page hasn’t updated yet to reflect the release date and isn’t accepting pre-orders, Nintendo’s Inside Indie World newsletter confirmed the $24.99 game will debut this month.

Gnosia has a premise similar to games like Werewolf and Raging Loop. You are one of multiple people on a space ship that contains both humans and Gnosia. However, Gnosia look exactly like ordinary people. Their goal is to wipe out all humans, while yours is to survive and expose what’s going on. There are also different loops, which offers Groundhog Day-like effects. Your crew can have a set amount of people and certain number of Gnosia, with the Gnosia able to pretend to be both Doctors and Engineers.

To help set it apart, you can better define yourself and understand how they relate to one another. For example, your avatar’s stats include charisma, charm, intuition, logic, performance, and stealth. All of them influence what you’re capable of and the course of that loop. You can also develop relationships with different characters. This allows you to see more of the story and better understand the other possible crewmates and Gnosia.

The Gnosia Switch version will launch in February 2021 outside Japan. It debuted on the system there back in April 2020. It is also available on the PlayStation Vita in Japan.