The Vault of Ares is in the War’s Den region. In this Immortals Fenyx Rising guide, we’ll show you how to find the Vault entrance location, solve the dungeon’s puzzles, defeat the boss, and retrieve Ares’s Essence from the vault.

How to find the Vault of Ares

Immortals Fenyx Rising’s Vault of Ares is part of your quest to restore the essence to one of the game’s four gods, Ares. After meeting the God of War in the War’s Den area, he’ll eventually give you the story “Jaws of War” quest.

The map location of the Vault of Ares in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

Taking this quest will bring you to an extended version of a puzzle vault, this one themed after Ares. This vault is unlike the others you encounter. It’s much longer than most and has multiple checkpoints. After completing a checkpoint, you can exit the vault and continue from where you left of.

Floating Orichalcum Cubes

An info panel on the Floating Orichalcum Cubes in Immortals Fenyx Rising

The Floating Orichalcum Cubes have unique properties
Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

This vault contains a unique object: Floating Orichalcum Cubes. They are featured extensively throughout the dungeon and have some unique properties:

  • When they are hit with with a melee attack or an arrow, they float a few feet above the ground.
  • When hit again, they fall like any other object.
  • When grabbed using Herakles’s Strength, you can throw them in a straight line. The longer you hold the throw button, the farther you can throw them.
  • They can be pushed along by gusts of wind when they are floating.
  • You can climb up them making them the only climbable objects in this entire vault.

A puzzle solution for the Vault of Ares in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

  1. Activate the pedestal to create two Floating Orichalcum Cubes.
  2. Hit the second one, and then climb on top of it.
  3. Jump off it, and perform Ares’s Wrath to get up to the next section.

Second area

  1. Activate the pedestal to create a Floating Orichalcum Cube in the area above you.
  2. Shoot the cube with an arrow to make it float.
  3. Use Herakles’s Strength to grab the cube and bring it to you.
  4. Let go of it, and then hop on top of it.
  5. Jump off it, and glide to the next area.
  6. Hit both of the cubes in front of you, and then crouch below them to enter the vault’s hub area and a checkpoint.

In this hub area, you’ll need to solve multiple puzzles to break the chains around the creature in the center of the room. Each time you’ve broken a chain, you can return to the checkpoint here to save your progress. From there, you can continue or leave the vault. When you return, your progress will be saved.

A puzzle solution for the Vault of Ares in Immortals Fenyx Rising

There are five chains to break here
Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

Neck chain

  1. Simply hit this stone with your sword to break it.

Lower left hand chain

  1. Climb up the floating cubes to your right to a series of floating platforms.
  2. Follow the path up and to your left to the checkpoint.
  3. Hop across the gap and through the door to an area with a pedestal.
  4. Activate the pedestal to summon three cubes.
  5. Hit them to make them float, and then use Herakles’s Strength to grab them and reposition by tossing them to create a bridge to get across the gap.
  6. When picking up and throwing cubes, try not to throw them too far. The longer you hold the throw button, the farther they go.
  7. Jump and glide to the next area to reach another checkpoint near a pedestal.
  1. Activate this pedestal to create more cubes.
  2. Hit them to activate the cubes floating state, and then jump across the gap.
  3. From the other side, grab a cube from a distance using Herakles’s Strength and throw it in such a way to create a platform you can use to move higher up the platforms.
  4. Keep going until you hit a checkpoint.

Detour for a chest

  1. From this checkpoint, move forward to the next area with a pedestal.
  2. Activate it to summon more cubes.
  3. Grab one of the cubes and turn around and throw them at the large arch behind you.
  4. Create a path upward with the cubes so you can reach the top of the arch.
  5. Open the chest inside to get two Coins of Charon.

Lower Left Hand Chain Continued

Proceed back to the area with the pedestal and cubes.

  1. Using the cubes, create a path across to the area with the red barrier.
  2. Be sure to use one of the larger cubes, as you’ll need it to weight down a heavy plate switch ahead.
  3. To make the path across easy to navigate, throw a cube near the raised columns and jump and glide across to the first column.
  4. From the column, grab the cube again and throw it to extend how far forward you can go.
  5. Repeat this until you make it safely across.
  6. Grab the heavy cube and place it on the plate switch to unlock the door.
  7. Destroy the red stone to break the chain.
  8. Use the opening you created by destroying the rocks to make it back to the hub and the checkpoint.

Upper Left Hand Chain

  • Follow the chain upward by jumping onto the floating cubes.
  • Ascend until you reach a platform with ghostly soldiers near a gate.
  • Pass through the gate, jumping over a small gap until you reach a checkpoint.
  • Jump over a few more gaps until you reach an area with a pedestal. Activate it to produce a large block.
  • Hit the block to make it float, and then use Herakles’s Strength to pick up the block. Bring it toward the ramp ahead of you.
  • Drop the block in the gap in the ramp then hit the block again to drop it into place, completing the ramp.
  • Jump on top of the block and walk up the ramp.
  • At the top, you’ll find another pedestal. Activate its switch to summon a metal ball that will ride down the ramp automatically.
  • The metal ball should go down the ramp, over the block you placed and into a basin which causes a few blocks to spawn in a platform ahead of you.
  • Proceed forward, down the ramp, to the checkpoint ahead.

Quick chest detour

From this platform, you can see a chest beneath a walkway.

Glide across to get a single Zeus’s Lightning. Hop across the gap to make your way back to the platform with some blocks and a pedestal.

Upper Left Hand Chain continued

  • Back on the platform, you’ll find a large and small box. Hit the large box to make it float, and then carry it ahead to fill in a gap in a ramp in front of you.
  • Hit the block to drop it, and then hop on top of it. You’ll see a large floating block in the distance. Shoot an arrow at it to drop it.
  • You’ll also see a smaller floating block to your right. Notice how it’s at an angle. Keep that in mind before shooting it to also knock it down.
  • While still on top of the large block, turn left and walk up the ramp where you’ll see a small and large block.
  • Pick up the small box and walk it down the other ramp.
  • At the first landing, turn 45 degrees to your right and drop the block in the center of the platform. This should mimic the angle of the smaller block you shot down earlier.
  • Head back up the ramp and activate the switch on the pedestal.
  • Two metal balls will appear on both ramps. The ball on your left should roll down the ramp and hit the angled block you placed. It’ll continue forward into a basin.
  • The ball on your right may stop at the first 90 degree corner in its path. If so, all you need to do is push it down the rest of the ramp.
  • Once the final ball is rolling, it’ll hit the angled block you shot down earlier, finally settling into another basin.
  • With both balls in their basins, a red barrier will open up in a building ahead.

A puzzle solution for the Vault of Ares in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

Continue through the door and turn left. Destroy the red rock here to break this chain. Removing the rocks will reveal a path back to the hub. Jump onto the floating blocks to hit the checkpoint and save your progress.

Lower Right Hand Chain

  • Follow the chain and ascend the floating blocks to a platform.
  • Pass through the gate and continue jumping from platform to platform until you reach a checkpoint.
  • Continue forward until you reach a pillar overlooking some floating blocks and soldier enemies.
  • Shoot the floating blocks to make them land on the heads of the enemies, instantly defeating them.
  • Once they are all disposed of, drop down into the arena.
  • Activate the pedestal to summon some more blocks.
  • Use a combination of the available blocks to make a path to the platform above you.
  • Follow the path forward to a checkpoint.
  • Jump up the pillar ahead, and then onto the large floating cube in front of it.
  • From this vantage point, shoot all the floating blocks you can see to defeat the enemies below them.
  • Look to your left to find an enemy hiding in a hallway before dropping down.
  • Proceed into the building and take care of more enemies with the blocks ahead of them.
  • Once they are defeated, head to your right through a door revealing a platform and a pedestal.

Detour for a chest

A puzzle solution for the Vault of Ares in Immortals Fenyx Rising

Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

  • Before the pedestal to activate the switch, turn left shoot down the large block at the end of the hallway to defeat an enemy.
  • Continue forward and find a chest behind the block you just dropped with an Ambrosia.

Lower Right Hand Chain continued

  • From the hall, enter the building and defeat the remaining enemies with blocks.
  • If they see you before you defeat them with a block, they may alert the other enemies and they’ll converge on you and attack.
  • At the very end of the building is a large enemy with a shield.
  • Once all enemies are defeated, shoot a large block to make it float and carry it to the rear of the building.
  • Place it near the opening in the wall so you can climb on top of it. Then, leap across the gap to a platform.
  • Turn around and use Herakles’s Strength to pull the block up to you, and then place it on the heavy switch.
  • Activating the switch will open a red barrier ahead. Go through, destroy the red rocks, and head back to the hub and hit the checkpoint.

Upper Right Hand Chain and a quick chest

  • Follow the chains upward by hopping up the floating blocks.
  • Continue forward until you reach a checkpoint.
  • Keep progressing until you find a platform with a pedestal.
  • Activate the switch which produces a large cube that blocks the flow of wind.
  • Stand on top of the box and strike it to cause the box to float and get pushed forward by the wind.
  • Continue to float forward until a gust a wind pushes you up and forward.
  • Once you reach the higher platform, you’ll stop moving. Strike the box again to drop it. Then strike it again to cause it to rise into the path of the gust of wind, pushing you to the right.
  • Before striking the box to drop it on the heavy switch below, jump and glide forward to grab a chest with one Zeus’s Lightning.
  • Then strike the box so it lands on the heavy switch below.
  • Activate the switch to produce a heavy block that blocks the gust of wind.
  • Jump on the block and strike it to cause the block to float and fly forward because of the wind.
  • The next set of transitions will require you to strike the box so it lands on a grate that is pushing air upward. If you do not do this, you will get pushed past where you need to go.
  • If this happens, jump off the block and onto solid ground. Then use Herakles’s Strength to pull the block to you. Then, while still holding the block, stand above the grate with the wind blowing above you. Release the block and shoot it with an arrow to drop it on the grate. Jump on top and strike it again.
  • Repeat this process until you reach a checkpoint.
  • Once you reach the checkpoint, place the block above the heavy switch, and then strike it to press down on it.
  • Activate the pedestal to produce another large block. This upcoming area is similar to the last, but with a few twists.
  • Continue the process of hitting the block you’re on before you float too far away from a grate pushing air upward.
  • Keep doing this until your block is pushed up against a wall. Jump off the block to the platform below with the gust of vertical wind. Use Herakles’s Strength to pull the block to you.
  • Bring it above the grate, and then let go and quickly shoot it to drop it on top of the grate.
  • Get onto the block, hit it, and then ride it forward toward the red barrier.
  • As you float to the platform near the red barrier and the heavy plate switch, you may not float all the way across. If so, jump off the block to the platform with the heavy switch.
  • Use Herakles’s Strength again to grab the block and place it above the heavy switch. Hit it and drop it onto the switch, removing the red barrier.
  • Head into the building to destroy the red rocks, breaking the last chain.
  • Breaking the last chain will warn you of an impending boss fight once you return back to the hub.

Boss Fight: Kottos the All-Seeing

Breaking all the chains frees Kottos the All-Seeing, a lumbering boss that hits hard from close and long range.

When up close, Kottos will do two quick swipes with each side of its limbs. These moves are hard to dodge, but they can be countered. At range, Kottos uses several, unblockable attacks.

If Kottos places its hands on the ground and stretches backward, they will eventually lunge forward, colliding into you like a wrecking ball. The monster will also use two ranged attacks: one causes a pillar of spiky rocks to emerge in a straight path while the other causes red circles to appear on the floor before large pillars emerge.

The best tactic is to dodge Kottos’s long range attacks then rush in for damage. Their swipe attacks are hard to dodge, so don’t stay close for too long. The creature’s ranged attacks are the easiest to maneuver around, but do not underestimate the speed of its lunging tumble attack.

Rows of ghostly soldier surround the main character of Immortals Fenyx Rising

Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

After you defeat Kottos, continue forward to where Ares’s essence is before exiting the vault.