Perfect Dark design director Drew Murray, who co-founded Microsoft’s The Initiative, has announced that he’s rejoining his former employer, Insomniac Games.

Murray spent a decade at Insomniac before he co-founded The Initiative, which Microsoft famously referred to as its ‘AAAA’ studio. On February 2nd, he revealed that he bid a “bittersweet” farewell to his team and stepped down from his role for personal reasons.

“It’s been extraordinary working shoulder-to-shoulder with such a talented and experienced team, many of whom are great friends now, but my life outside of work needs more attention and headspace than I have been able to give it lately, so I’m stepping down from my role,” Murray said of his departure from The Initiative. “My silver lining to all this is that I’m excited to join the screaming masses on Perfect Dark launch day to experience the game!”

Yesterday, Murray took to Twitter to announce that “ten years, five games, and six job titles” at Insomniac weren’t enough, so he’s rejoined his former colleagues.

“I’m excited to be rejoining many friends and former colleagues at Insomniac Games as a Principal Designer,” Murray tweeted. “That takes me to my seventh job title; now I just need to work some days and make some games, right?”

Murray first joined Insomniac in 2005 as a junior designer and worked on Resistance: Fall of Man. He then went on to work on Resistance 2 and 3, and Ratchet & Clank. His last project as Game Director for Insomniac prior to his departure in 2015 was Sunset Overdrive.

[Source: Twitter]