Capcom will add some fascinating new in-town options to Monster Hunter Rise. The developer and writer of Monster Hunter Rise invited Polygon to a brief video presentation, the place it detailed modifications to the meals and coaching systems, in addition to a number of others.

Like the brand new Wire Bug and rideable Palamutes — each of which you can even use to maneuver round city — Monster Hunter Rise’s Kamura Village will change quite a bit from earlier Monster Hunter video games. The modifications are most notable once you take a look at in-town multiplayer, the Buddy system, the Training Area, and the brand new Dango meals system.

Dango — a brand new meals system

Dango food menu in Monster Hunter Rise

You can combine and match what the sport calls “Bunny Dango”
Image: Capcom | Source: Capcom gameplay footage

Dangos are Japanese dumplings, and they’re the first meals in Monster Hunter Rise. At the Dango bar, you should purchase three Dango on a stick, every of a distinct taste. Like earlier Monster Hunter video games, you should utilize meal tickets, factors, or money to purchase your meals.

In addition to growing your well being and stamina in your subsequent hunt, the totally different flavors supply totally different perks that will help you . And with Monster Hunter Rise, there are extra distinctive meals perks, which means it’s much less possible you’ll overlap with an armor ability you have already got geared up.

When constructing your three-piece Dango, you possibly can mix any flavors you need. But simply since you decide a selected taste, and its correlated perk, doesn’t imply you’ll get it. Each perk has a proportion probability of getting activated every time you eat.

For instance, the video presentation confirmed the Hunter shopping for Dango Money Maker (elevated cash), Dango Medic (elevated therapeutic from gadgets), and Dango Bird Caller (which makes extra Spiribirds method throughout hunts). Money Maker had a 90% probability of activating, whereas Medic and Bird Caller had 85% and 80% possibilities respectively.

Players will unlock new flavors of Dango to mix as they progress by the story. And there may be, after all, a pleasant new meals music and dance that performs every time you order some Dango.

The Buddy Plaza

Player buys a new Palamute in Monster Hunter Rise

You can choose the Palamute or Palico you need
Image: Capcom | Source: Capcom gameplay footage

Buddies are an enormous a part of Monster Hunter. When you’re searching solo or in a small group, you want your Palico that will help you out. But Rise expands the buddy system by letting you’re taking each a Palico and a Palamute — the rideable canine buddy.

You’ll handle these Buddies within the Buddy Plaza, with the help of Buddy Expert Shirubei and Buddy Handler Iori. With their help, you possibly can go to the Buddy Dojo to pick new Buddies after every quest.

When you rent a brand new Buddy, they’ll be a part of your squad. And whilst you can solely have two with you on a given hunt, you’ll be capable of ship the others on missions to collect gadgets for you. If you’re taking part in with pals, you possibly can solely take one Buddy — both a Palico or a Palamute, relying on what you select.

Different Palicos include totally different strikes, whereas Palamutes all appear to have related gear slots. You can customise your Buddies with distinctive gear on the Smithy.


Players need Senri the Mailman to swap between offline and online

Senri is your on-line NPC, and you could find him in Kamura Village
Image: Capcom | Source: Capcom gameplay footage

Senri the Mailman (he’s really a Palico, however no matter) will enable you with all of your on-line play. You’ll additionally decide up any DLC you purchase from Senri.

With Senri, you possibly can select to play on-line or offline, which determines whether or not or not pals or different Hunters can be a part of your social gathering. Online and offline are toggles in Monster Hunter Rise, so that you’ll must swap again and forth relying in your scenario.

Unlike Monster Hunter: World, pleasant Hunters can journey to your model of Kamura Village, and you possibly can bounce round, discover, and even practice collectively. If you begin a quest on-line, pals or random gamers will journey to your city earlier than you dive into your hunt.

We’re presently not sure how or if Monster Hunter Rise will handle the problem gamers had with Monster Hunter: World the place pals couldn’t be a part of a narrative mission except they’d all seen the cutscene in single participant first.


Players can customize a player dummy in the Training Area

You can change the behaviors of the Toadversary within the Training Area
Image: Capcom | Source: Capcom gameplay footage

The Training Area in Monster Hunter Rise received an entire overhaul. Not solely can your mates be a part of you within the Training Area, however you can even apply towards a large, mecha-monster dummy.

In the Training Area, you possibly can converse to Sekirei the Trainer (one other Palico). They’ll provide you with coaching choices for the “Toadversary” dummy. You can change its head place, which path it’s dealing with, if it tracks the participant, and whether or not it’s in standby or attacking mode. You may even alter what number of Wirebugs you’ve gotten entry to or alter the habits of different targets within the coaching space.

When you lock in your settings, the Toadversary will begin to take motion — or stop taking motion relying on what you chose. The Training Area additionally tracks your complete injury on the dummy, together with the injury of your most up-to-date combo.

Capcom will launch Monster Hunter Rise solely for the Nintendo Switch on March 26.