Even more Demon Slayer figma are in development. The next two collectibles will involve Inosuke and Zenitsu figures. However, both are so early in development that there are no prototype images. In fact, Max Factory only revealed Inosuke’s concept art for the Good Smile Company figure.

Max Factory took to Twitter to reveal both of the Demon Slayer figures in development. The Inosuke figma seems to be the one that’s farther along. It even has a “coming soon” notation on its image. As for Zenitsu, all we get is a vague outline showing how he might look.

This means the core Demon Slayer team will each have a figma. Good Smile Company and Max Factory released two so far. One is of the series’ hero, Tanjiro. His sister, Nezuko, ended up getting her own figure after. Each of them had standard and DX edition figma options. As you might imagine, the DX versions had extra accessories. For example, Nezuko’s DX edition had an extra face plate, a box for the Tanjiro figma to carry, and an Exploding Blood hand.

Good Smile Company and Max Factory are working on Demon Slayer figma designs for Inosuke and Zenitsu figures. It is unknown if they each will be available in standard and DX editions, like Tanjiro and Nezuko are.