Nintendo announced a new program to help people who just purchased a Nintendo Switch. There will be a Nintendo Switch Concierge service to complement the already existing support site. This is specifically a sort of one-on-one educational affair designed to help people get used to a new console. [Thanks, Nintendo Everything!]

Here’s how the service, which is free, works. People will head to the Nintendo Switch Concierge website to make an appointment to video call someone from Nintendo. While you will only have one Nintendo representative working with you, multiple people can be present on your end for the experience.

There are six options you can choose from, and each lasts 30 minutes. One is a basic Switch 101 class. Other introductory elements include learning how to buy games with Games (Getting Started). The Security and Privacy option could help with things like parental controls. Nintendo Account is designed to assist in learning about things like Nintendo Switch Online. Games (What to Play Next) seems like a more advanced service, since it takes into account what you already play and own. Customization apparently goes over accessories.

The Nintendo Concierge service will run until the end of February 2021. The company didn’t announce if that deadline could be extended.