Another big Ooblets update is here, and this time it adds the Wildlands. Though, people who have been playing a while probably already know of it. That’s the place where, in the past, you could send the extra Ooblets you had and didn’t want anymore. Though now, you can go there, get them back, rehome them, and make that whole area better.

Essentially, the Ooblets region sounds like it isn’t in the best shape. When you head in, you’ll be able to unlock a place to mine, Nurnycrop Crag, a place to forage for Spicyspears, Spicyspear Scrub, and a place to fish, Droneydrip Pond. You’ll also be able to rehome certain Ooblets there. Once the update is applied, you can also start making level five Oobcoops, Hophophopdops, and Squishmallows.

This means there are three more major updates in Ooblets’ future. The first will add Port Forward. That’s another region, complete with more Ooblets and customization items. It’ll show up in the middle of 2021. The last two updates will both appear in late 2021. One is described as a “secret major update” and the other is the full launch. Both will add new regions and campaign elements to help finish the story.

Ooblets is in development for the Xbox One and PC. The full version is expected to launch in late 2021. Prior to this, the last major update was December 2020’s Coldyrain winter one.