The Pokemon Day recognition ballot outcomes are in, and the votes have been tallied. The Japanese web site, which was updating in real-time, closed the polls and the ultimate outcomes revealed the most well-liked Pokemon as voted by the neighborhood. It’s Dedenne! A complete of over a million votes have been counted to find out which characters made it into the highest ten.

As the primary handful of votes rolled in, Dedenne and the Buzzwole Ultra Beast have been in fixed competitors for first place. However, because the ballot went on, it grew to become clear who would emerge victorious. The lovely mouse Pokemon Dedenne reigned supreme within the Pokemon Day recognition ballot, with Cinccino coming in at a detailed second.

You can take a look at the outcomes of the Pokemon Day recognition ballot under.

  1. Dedenne (68,398 votes)
  2. Cincinno (54,444 votes)
  3. Sableye (45,562 votes)
  4. Snivy (41,894 votes)
  5. Magnemite (35,206 votes)
  6. Swadloon (34, 204 votes)
  7. Pikachu (33,125 votes)
  8. Buzzwole (33,077 votes)
  9. Oshawott (32,191 votes)
  10. Flygon (22,08 votes)

Additionally, you may type the most well-liked Pokemon by region by way of the Pokemon Day web site. As talked about beforehand, votes have been tallied in real-time. Users might take part and forged their vote utilizing a particular hashtag on Twitter.

A particular Pokemon Day presentation is scheduled for February 26, 2021. This video will final a complete of twenty minutes and will likely be broadcast on each Twitch and YouTube.