Mobile Suit Gundam is in style worldwide, however in its house of Japan it’s virtually a cultural establishment. And although the unique “Universal Century” Gundam setting tends to get a lot of the consideration, spinoffs like 2015’s Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans are in style in their very own proper. That is likely to be why Bandai’s honoring the fifth birthday of the sequence by releasing a brand new, bespoke clothes and accent line impressed by the present [Thanks, Famitsu!].

Courtesy of the Bandai Apparel Division (the identical of us that introduced the Kamen Rider clothes line into being), the Iron-Blooded Orphans fifth Anniversary Collection can be bought by way of Bandai’s Gundam-centric clothes retailer, STRICT-G and the Premium Bandai on-line outlet.

The gadgets embrace Iron-Blooded Orphans-themed T-shirts, hoodies, and different equipment like tote luggage and pins. Rather than emblazon the merchandise with footage of mecha or characters, the designs evoke the present extra obliquely, by way of iconography and quotations. That might be a plus for a buyer who prefers to maintain their fandom a bit extra low key.

For instance, although a lot of the gadgets within the line function the stylized fleur-de-lis-like emblem of Tekkadan, the primary group in Iron-Blooded Orphans, one hoodie design impressed by the character McGillis Fareed options nothing greater than a candy-colored emblem that claims “Chocolate Guy.”

Chocolate Guy

The design is a reference to McGillis’ first in-person assembly with sequence protagonist Mikazuki Augus. After narrowly avoiding a site visitors accident involving Mikazuki’s buddies, Fareed tries to make it as much as the younger teenagers with some sweet. Mikazuki, by no means a lot for remembering names, refers to Fareed as “The Chocolate Guy” for a lot of the sequence transferring ahead.

The Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans fifth Anniversary clothes line is offered for preorder through the STRICT-G on-line retailer.