Spiritfarer, Thunder Lotus’ “cozy management game about dying,” will be getting three major updates for free throughout 2021. The updates will begin in spring and will bring new spirits, story content, a new island, and plenty of quality of life improvements.

Spiritfarer 2021 Roadmap

The Lily update will be the first to arrive in spring, adding a new spirit and more Stella story content. Spiritfarer Stella is now getting used to her job and feels confident enough to dig into her memories. Those memories blossom into flowers that are a perfect home for the flowers house butterflies. As they roost together, they form the spirit of Lily. The new spirit is Stella’s younger sister and the only spirit that is active at night. She has the ability to illuminate the ship and let Stella move around at night. There will also be improved co-op with a new UI and co-op fishing.

This will be followed by the Beverly update in the summer. This will add another spirit, new boat buildings, collectibles, and recipes. When Stella reaches the island of Oxbury, she meets her old neighbor Beverly with whom she’ll reminisce about the past. There will also be new Acetate Sheet collectibles. When they’re viewed in the new boat building the Archive Room, you’ll gain new information, although Thunder Lotus didn’t say exactly what that information will be about. Both this update and the Lily update will also add “a plethora of quality of life tweaks”.

The final update, Jackie & Daria, will arrive in the fall, bringing two new spirits, a new island, new boat buildings, resources, and a new event. Stella will get coordinates for the new island that’s home to a run-down hospital, which is home to caretaker Jackie and the main patient Daria, the two new spirits. Stella will give Jackie a hand taking care of the hospital and experiencing the new event, about which the developer promised more details later this year.

All of these updates will arrive on PlayStation 4 for free. Spiritfarer is available now.

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