During the Street Fighter V February 2021 Winter Update, a whole new paid DLC pass came up. For $39.99, people can get a Street Fighter V Premium Pass with things like costumes, stages, and character colors. There will also be a bonus for both the $24.99 Character Pass and $39.99 Premium Pass that adds Eleven as a playable character.

Here’s how the offer works. The Premium Pass will include the following items in addition to the new characters.

  • 2 Stages (Marina of Fortune appears in the image)
  • 5 Fighter Profile Themes
  • 8 Titles
  • 26 Costumes (People like Cammy and Dan showed up in the image.)
  • 100,000 Fight Money
  • Character Colors for Dan, Rose, Oro, Akira, and the fifth Season Pass 5 DLC character. The Story costumes get colors 3-10, and the battle, default, and story costumes have 11-15.

As for the bonuses, there are three. Eleven, the bonus character with a Fighter Profile Theme, is the most notable. However, people will also get the default 3-10 character colors and either a PS4 home theme or PC wallpapers, depending on where you bought the Street Fighter V Premium Pass.

Street Fighter V is available for the PlayStation 4 and PC. The Dan DLC will kick off Season Pass 5 on February 22, 2021.