The next Build-a-Bear Pokemon plush is now available to order, and this time it is the legendary Mew. The official North American website already has a listing for the online-exclusive bundle. However, Mew isn’t showing up on international storefronts just yet. The character costs $29 alone or $61 in its bundle.

The Build-a-Bear Mew is, like most plushes from the retailer, about 13 inches tall. If someone gets the bundle, they also get a Mew Cape with psychic insignias on it, a hoodie with a Master Ball design, and the Mew 5-in-1 sound chip that can be put inside of its hand. The sound chip and Master Ball hoodie are only available in this bundle. However, if someone heads to an actual store, they should be able to find a Mew and the $12.50 Mew Cape.

Here’s a better look at Mew and all of its outfits.

Mew is the first Pokemon to show up at the store in 2021. 2020 was closed out by the arrival of a larger-than-usual Dragonite. (It can’t even fit in a normal box.) Prior to that, the focus was on various Eeveelutions. Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon were all released in 2020.

The Build-a-Bear Mew plush is now available in North America. (People might want to call their local store to see if it is in-stock before heading into a mall.)