It’s very rare to see a graphics card with out-of-the-box water cooling – the last we saw was EVGA’s RTX 3090 Kingpin, released back in December. Now, Sapphire plans to release an AIO-cooled version of AMD’s best graphics card, the RX 6900 XT, as part of its TOXIC range.

While strapping the best AIO cooler to your CPU is a common step when building the best gaming PC, water cooled graphics cards are more of a rarity, either done through custom water loops, with conversion kits like NZXT’s Kraken G12, which lets you hook your card up to AIO coolers, or with plug and play solutions such as Sapphire’s new card.

From the pictures obtained by Videocardz, it looks as though the card will consist of a three-fan 360mm radiator for water cooling, some air cooling from one fan on the card itself, and of course, RGB lighting. When it comes to overclocking your GPU, this card looks like it’ll be a champion for consumer overclocking. But for extreme overclocking records, going down the liquid nitrogen route with pre-binned GPU chips such as those found in Galax’s RTX 3090 HOF is still preferable.

Don’t expect this card to come cheap – EVGA’s watercooled RTX 3090 was $1999, which is $500 more than the MSRP of the standard 3090, so you can also expect a price significantly higher than the RX 6900 XT’s standard retail price of $999.

As you can see, Sapphire has repeatedly teased the card on its Twitter account, so we can only guess that a release for the card is imminent. It’ll be interesting to see whether such an expensive card will suffer from the same stock issues plaguing the industry right now.