People will be able to try Gal Gun Returns before they buy it, though there’s a catch for this demo. It will be a Steam Games Festival exclusive. Starting at 10am PT on February 3, 2021, people can visit the official product page to see how the on-rails shooter series got its start.

There’s also a new Gal Gun Returns Hangin’ at Inti HQ video. The presentation again features Matt Papa, the Gal Gun Returns Producer, and Andrew Singleton, the game’s Localization Lead. This time, the focus involved looking at the limited edition and both Aoi and Akira gameplay. They didn’t look at the Gal Gun Returns demo, though, so we don’t know what it will include yet.

To coincide with the upcoming Gal Gun Returns debut, there will also be a sale. During the Steam Games Festival, the other entries will also be reduced. PQube didn’t mention how cheap they will be. However, both Gal Gun Double Peace and Gal Gun 2 will be temporarily reduced.

Gal Gun Returns will come to the Nintendo Switch and PC worldwide on February 12, 2021. It is immediately available in Japan. The Gal Gun Returns demo will be available via Steam Games Festival until February 9, 2021.