Figure-maker Emon Toys revealed a Yuuko xxxHOLiC Figure and two other characters for its latest lineup. Emon Toys made the announcement online at Wonder Festival 2021 (Winter). Although it is usually a physical event, the festival opted to hold a digital version in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. [Thanks, Dengeki Hobby!]

Yuuko Ichihara’s figure is quite elegant, including lounging furniture, colored smoke, and a butterfly. In addition to the xxxHOLiC figure, Emon Toys revealed models of Roxy Migurdia from the Mushoku Tensei series and Kujaku from the RG Veda series. All three of the new announcements will be 1/7 scale figures. Yuuko will stand at 160mm (6.3 inches) tall, while Kujaku is much bigger, coming in at 380mm (15 inches). Although Roxy’s model appears to be the earliest in its development process, fans will be happy to know that they can remove her hat.

Check out close-ups of Yuuko, Roxy, and Kujaku.

Emon Toys are a prolific figure maker with years of experience working on licensed models. You can check out the company’s past figures here. We were big fans of the pricey Panther Ann from Persona 5 The Animation. In addition to Emon Toys’ offerings, Spiritale also revealed at Wonder Festival 2021 (Winter) that it is working on a figure of Hololive’s immensely popular VTuber, Korone.