The Super Mario 35th anniversary set that not too long ago dropped for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is extra versatile than it would seem. Yes, you should use gadgets like warp pipes and flagpoles to make your recreation appear to be a degree out of the plumber’s standard platformers, however why restrict your self like that? As experimental followers are discovering out, sure gadgets lend themselves splendidly to a wide selection of scenes.

In explicit, the basic Mario block — which seems like a dice of pink bricks — not solely floats within the air, it will probably additionally maintain small gadgets as if it’s a countertop. So not solely do you might have a completely new sort of storage possibility, nevertheless it seems actually cool, too. In the picture above, which hails from Twitter consumer GulliverLemmy, for instance, Mario blocks are used to craft a mini floating city. Here are a few extra angles on the room, which you’ll go to on the handle DA-6643-5550-7269.

“Decorating in [New Horizons] is about disguising the fact that items are constrained to a grid in Animal Crossing,” GulliverLemmy instructed Polygon over Twitter. “The easiest way to trick the eye into not seeing a grid is to layer items of different heights in front of one another to create depth. The floating blocks are a gift to island designers in that they make this layering exceptionally easy.”

It’s nonetheless early days, however positive sufficient, followers are utilizing the blocks in all types of inventive methods. One frequent tactic is to make use of them as floating arches, which might then be embellished with issues like crops or shells for added ambiance. Since they float, there’s an added sense of verticality to the designs that use Mario blocks — that means that, in observe, they don’t essentially scream “Mario” to the viewer. Here are a few of the perfect usages of the Mario blocks that we’ve seen to this point.