Bravely Default I and II‘s OSTs are now available on Spotify. The two games’ authentic soundtracks have been launched below the composer Revo’s official Spotify page. The soundtrack for Bravely Default I, often known as Bravely Default: Flying Fairy in Japan, has additionally been launched on Apple Music. [Thanks, AniPlaylist!]

Square Enix initially launched the complete discography for the Bravely Default collection again in 2019, but it surely was restricted to Japan. The bodily launch of Bravely Default II‘s OST was teased back in December 2020, but was unavailable outside of Japan as well. Now people from around the world can listen to the series’ hottest songs, akin to “That Person’s Name Is” and “The Vagrant of Love.”

Notably, nevertheless, most of the songs listed each on Spotify and Apple Music have inconsistent tune titles. “The Vagrant of Love” for instance, is titled “Romantic Rogue” on Spotify, and “Romantic Vagrant” on Apple Music. The similar goes for “That Person’s Name Is”, which is titled “He of the Name” on Spotify and “That of the Name” on Apple Music. Additionally, there may be nonetheless no phrase on whether or not the Bravely Default II soundtrack may even be launched on Apple Music.

The Bravely Default: Flying Fairy monitor listing is 46 songs lengthy. The Bravely Default II monitor listing is 62 songs lengthy and cut up into three “discs.”

You can take heed to the total Bravely Default: Flying Fairy soundtrack instantly on Spotify, in addition to buy a digital copy through Apple Music. Streaming for the Bravely Default II OST is at the moment solely obtainable on Spotify.

Bravely Default II was launched on February 26, 2021, and is straight away obtainable for the Nintendo Switch.