CD Projekt RED’s SVP of enterprise improvement, Michał Nowakowski, urged throughout an investor name yesterday that Cyberpunk 2077′s PlayStation Store delisting is impacting gross sales on different platforms as effectively.

After CD Projekt RED clarified that Cyberpunk 2077‘s PSN reinstatement is Sony’s determination, the studio was quizzed in regards to the recreation’s gross sales. While he didn’t present any numbers, Nowakowski mentioned that gross sales will probably be pushed by two foremost elements: the discharge of Cyberpunk 2077‘s next-gen version and its PSN status. He then added that Sony’s determination is a vital one as a result of it can “influence purchasing decisions” on different platforms.

“As far as Cyberpunk sales for this year are concerned, first of all I believe they will be driven by two major elements that we keep working on,” mentioned Nowakowski (through Video Games Chronicle). “First, patching and updating the game, and this should also result in coming back to the Sony store. Obviously, Sony’s decision is much awaited by many gamers and we believe it may also influence purchasing decisions of not only those playing on PlayStation but also on other platforms, so this is important to us.”

In mild of Cyberpunk 2077‘s console woes, CD Projekt RED has announced that it’ll start advertising its video games closer to launch, and it’ll be certain that gameplay is showcased on all platforms.

“And when campaigns do start, we aim to properly manage expectations across all platforms,” Nowakowski added. “This means focusing on communication of polished game footage, not concepts. We’ll also showcase footage of our games on all platforms they will be released on.”

[Source: VGC]