Commander Shepard is the hero of the universe within the Mass Effect sequence. However, whenever you look at simply how a lot blood finally ends up on her fingers through the RPG game trilogy, it’s clear making an attempt to be even probably the most peaceable of saviors entails its fair proportion of bloodshed.

Totted up by TK-576 on Reddit, Commander Shepard’s kill-count throughout the Mass Effect trilogy tells a grotesque story. Mass Effect has 472, Mass Effect 2 has a worrying 837, and Mass Effect accommodates one other 472, for a mixed complete of 1,781. The guidelines for kills listed here are necessary deaths by your hand as Shepard, in missions that should be accomplished.

In the case of Mass Effect 2, the place you need to do 4 character-driven side-quests for the ultimate chapter, TK and their fellow murder-quantifiers went by means of all of them to determine which have been the least bloody. That’s Jack, Jacob, Samara, and Thane. Mass Effect Three is more combat-driven than its predecessors, however the dash choice means you may jet previous battles, minimising hurt to all concerned. Going off the trailer for Mass Effect 5, the Destroy ending for Mass Effect Three seems to be the revered canon at BioWare, in order that’s what’s assumed right here.

You can watch the play-throughs for counted kills under, beginning with Mass Effect:

Mass Effect 2:

And Mass Effect 3:

This was posted to have fun eight years since Mass Effect 3, as a result of time marches ever ahead whether or not we like it or not. Previous kill-counts from TK-576 embrace Gordon Freeman of Half-Life, and Max Payne. The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, containing remasters of the unique trilogy (bar one DLC and Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer), arrives in May.