Morrowind Rebirth, a big overhaul of the traditional RPG game, is getting an update to have a good time ten years of growth. New armour, weapons, and spells are added, and a number of other places have been given a lick of paint.

The mod turns ten on March 29, and simply forward of the large day, the group has launched model 5.4, and listed every part it consists of. Some 16 places within the fantasy sport, together with Ebonheart, Maar Gan, Balmora, Gnaar Mok, Tel Aruhn, Dagon Fel, and Sadrith Mora have been reworked in a method or one other. Some have simply had the litter modified, others have had their NPC scripts fastened to make interactions really feel extra pure, some have had their format shifted barely, and one provides a house to a homeless NPC.

Silver Saint is a brand new creature, and Cephalopod Gauntlets and the Silver Saint Shield are the brand new armour. Dozens of magic armour, weapons, and clothes have been added, and Voroyn’s Ring and Dread are two new distinctive gadgets. Burning Touch, Freezing Touch, Poisonous Touch, and Shocking Touch are the 4 new spells, every with three levels of use.

These are along with a laundry listing of smaller adjustments you could find on ModDB. Since it began, Morrowind Rebirth has steadily improved and expanded on nearly every part in Vvardenfell, making the old game simpler to get into for newcomers, and offering one thing new for veterans. You can discover an set up information in the description here.

Here’s a trailer from Morrowind Rebirth 5.0, a bit beneath two years in the past:

We spoke to the devs around that time, about spending virtually a full decade remastering Morrowind. For extra The Elder Scrolls modding, we have now the best Skyrim mods. As at all times, mod with warning.