As you might bear in mind, throughout Paradox Interactive’s current Paradox Insider occasion, the firm introduced {that a} model new grand strategy game was going to be introduced throughout the annual PDXCon occasion in May. Naturally, I joked and mentioned that it could be Victoria 3, however fans on Reddit are now hotly debating whether or not it truly will be Victoria 3 or not.

The foremost factor that’s obtained everybody labored up is a bunch of data that’s been introduced up by user LocalPizzaDelivery in a reddit thread. Essentially, somebody probably affiliated with Paradox trademarked the area again in 2014, in addition to a bunch of different domains. I’ve my very own motive to consider Victoria 3 was genuinely being labored on again then – the query is whether or not it’s nonetheless being labored on, and whether or not or not it is going to be the subsequent game to come out.

What LPD goes on to spotlight although is how the area info for the Victoria 3 area is totally different from a few of the others registered, hinting that it was maybe a extra real registration as opposed to a land seize. User hesseb is supporting this concept, and has began their own lengthy thread on the topic as properly, primarily wanting into the firm that owns the Victoria 3 area and the implications that has.

Between the two threads there’s some fairly wild hypothesis, and loads of hope. Of course, for each individual speaking about how Victoria 3 is actual, there are others who don’t suppose it’s possible, like winterkid11:

I don’t think this is the year of the 3, lads. from paradoxplaza

This thread is seems at current job listings on the Paradox careers web site that point out a non-historical grand strategy game is in the works. Whether it’s the one being introduced in May is anyone’s guess. Others, like Supermouser, are merely betting people real money that it gained’t occur.

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Aside from a new Victoria game, guesses as to what the announcement may be embody Europa Universalis 5, Stellaris 2, or a new IP that many hope will be in the realm of fantasy.

We gained’t know for certain till PDXCon, which runs from May 21 – 23, 2021.