The Pokemon Company and Niantic will add Pokemon GO‘s Professor Willow into the Pokemon Trading Card Game in Summer 2021. This announcement appeared to have a good time the 25th anniversary of the Trading Card Game, which was established in the identical yr as the first Pokemon video games — Pokemon Red and Green—in 1996.

Professor Willow fills the position of the Pokemon Professor who additionally introduces Pokemon GO gamers to the sport’s world. He specializes in Pokemon distribution and habitats, much like Professor Birch from the Hoenn area featured in the Third-generation sequence, Pokemon RubySapphire, and Emerald.

Although he handles actual world areas for Pokemon GO, Professor Willow additionally has connections with many individuals in the Pokemon universe. He used to work below Professor Oak earlier than going away on his personal expedition. Othe collegues of Professor Willow embrace the Kalos area’s Professor Sycamore and the Galar area’s Professor Magnolia.

The Pokemon Company will reveal extra particulars on Professor Willow’s TCG look from late May 2021, similar to the precise card paintings and its results on the sport. The card might be obtainable in all areas the place the TCG is formally bought. The firm may even disclose particulars to acquire the card in every area at a later time.

Professor Willow’s sport, Pokemon GO, is instantly obtainable on Android and iOS units worldwide. Both Pokemon GO and the Pokemon Trading Card Game proceed to obtain new content material. The former provides Therian Formes of Unova’s Forces of Nature — Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus — whereas the latter has a brand new Shining Fates growth.