Legendary game designer Will Wright hasn’t been within the public eye a lot because the launch of Spore, however he’s presently at work on a new undertaking – one he apparently needs the neighborhood of Sims modders to assist convey to life. Wright’s Gallium Studios has been soliciting people at main Sims mod websites to enter a “private pre-launch community” for an upcoming game.

“Have you ever wished you could be immortal? I’m working on a strange new project where your memories become the gaming landscape,” Wright says in a message supplied to each The Sims 4 Nexus and Mod The Sims. “We’re looking for enthusiastic content creators to help us bring this concept to life. We’re taking applications for a private pre-launch community where members will get the opportunity to go behind the scenes, collaborate with the dev team, and earn credit for their creations!”

An included survey asks about respondents’ use of assorted platforms to “create 3D content or audio for a game”. The choices embody skilled choices like Unity, Unreal, Maya, and Photoshop, in addition to issues like Roblox, Second Life, The Sims, and Spore.

This is all seemingly linked with Gallium’s Proxi, described as an “AI simulation game” which helps you to work together with your personal unconscious. The official site mentions a set of “Content Creator Tools” that may “empower artists and players the ability to integrate their own assets into the game” – which sounds very very similar to the kind of factor the survey above is alluding to.

Proxi was initially introduced as a cellular game, however – right here I cross my fingers – it’s been lengthy sufficient since we’ve heard something in regards to the game that possibly plans have modified. (I can hope, anyway.) For now, there are many simulation games to check out, even when the style has been lacking a sure one thing with out Will Wright all these years.