At the tip of February 2021, Arika introduced Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash for the Switch. It promised one other announcement on April 1, 2021. Now, it’s instantly available in Japan and has an April 15, 2021 North American and European release date.

Arika up to date the official website with particulars in regards to the recreation. It confirms that everybody will get Darun Mister, Doctrine Dark, Kairi, and Shirase at no cost. If you purchase the DLC pack, you additionally get Allen Snider, Area, Blair Dame, Garuda, Hayate, Hokuto, Jack, Pullum Purna, Sanane, Skullomania, Shadowgeist, Sharon, Terry Bogard, and Volcano Rosso. The free model additionally provides you Arcade and offline Versus modes. The on-line ranked and unranked matches and Training mode are each included in the add-on.

Here’s the most recent trailer for Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash. It begins by exhibiting off the free individuals everybody will get, as we see Kairi, Shirase, D. Dark, and Darun’s intros. Then, it highlights the brand new EX-Action techniques like EX-Dash and EX-Arrow.

Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash is offered on the Nintendo Switch in Japan. It is a free obtain, with add-ons priced at 2,800円. It will seem in North America and Europe on April 15, 2021 and be free with a $24.99 add-on.