Something model spanking new is on the way in which from Respawn Entertainment. The developer is promoting to rent somebody for a small staff that’s serving to construct an upcoming game primarily based on recent IP.

Steven Kah Hien Wong, a programmer at Respawn, tweeted the job itemizing. “Want to get in early and help build a new IP from scratch?” He writes. “We’re a team of five right now looking for our sixth (a coder)!” This was then quote-tweeted by Vince Zampella, the pinnacle of Respawn Entertainment, who added that it’s a “new project”, and that is the chance to “get in early.”

Early is the operative phrase, because the staff’s solely at a half-dozen thus far. No hints are offered (nor ought to they be anticipated) at this level. Given Respawn’s capacity to make compelling single-player video games, like Titanfall 2, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and multiplayer video games with Apex Legends, this might be absolutely anything. Possibly a space game, to proceed the development of science-fiction? Or perhaps that is the place the studio strikes into extra fantasy game territory? Only time will inform.

The wording for the opening says the individual will assist “pioneer new ways to enable ‘adventuring until the heat death of the universe.’” Intriguing!

Here’s the tweet:

Not Titanfall 3, then. Apex Legends Season 9 ought to assist fulfill a few of that longing, because the subsequent legend, Valkyrie, has direct ties to the Titanfall sequence.