Call of Duty: Warzone’s zombies are getting a little harder to kill. In Warzone’s newest replace, the undead have moved to Verdansk’s TV Station and a few of them have tailored to be extra proof against bullets.

According to Warzone’s newest in-universe intelligence briefing, a new pressure of undead enemy has arrived on Verdansk. These new zombies have “unusually strong resistance to ballistics across their anterior.” This possible implies that these zombies take much less harm of their chests and possibly even their heads — a minimum of from the entrance.

Joining these new zombies are common undead shamblers, together with the distinctive zombies from earlier areas, like those that emitted noxious fumes, or had electromagnetic discharges.

The in-universe submit goes on to implore Verdansk’s operators to come to the TV Station to assist get rid of the risk. The submit goes on to say that the map is now 33% contaminated. Based on how briskly the an infection appears to be spreading every week, it looks as if that quantity will solely improve within the close to future. For now, gamers can head to the TV Station to take out some zombies and get some extra-rare loot within the space as properly.