After revealing Lady Dimitrescu’s unusual height, Capcom has revealed that the favored vampire woman’s shoe dimension is 44cm (17.three inches).

During an interview with IGN, Art director Tomonori Takano laughingly mentioned that he “intentionally made the character design a bit more extravagant” than earlier titles however nonetheless didn’t foresee the response Lady Dimitrescu obtained.

“The game’s core concept of a village setting was decided in the early stages of development,” mentioned director Morimasa Sato. “After that, we started thinking about the characters. In order to create an appealing village with a sense of place, the characters that live there are extremely important. For the main enemy characters, we thought about the area each one would be in and the kind of experience they could provide. The approach of starting with the characters and building an experience from there might feel similar to Resident Evil 4.”

Takano additional mentioned that Lady Dimitrescu’s design is definitely a repurposed character mannequin of Mia from Resident Evil 7, with an addition of a gown and a hat.

“I thought that this would be enough to give her a ghost-like quality, but we couldn’t make her feel scary,” he continued. “Then, we decided to make the character model much larger. That was the beginning of Lady Dimitrescu. I drew a piece of concept art in which she stoops down to get through a doorway. That’s when I felt that this was going to work out.”

Resident Evil Village will launch on May seventh for present and next-gen platforms.

[Source: IGN]