The web gaming group has eagerly devoured each little bit of Elden Ring news since its announcement at E3 in 2019, however info has been spotty – at greatest – since then. It’s now come to gentle that Elden Ring is just not truly a recreation in any respect, however a social psychology experiment run by a process power consisting of a number of authorities businesses and HBO showrunners.

In reality, “Elden Ring” is simply the code title for the operation, which was conceived throughout the run of HBO’s Game of Thrones adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels. As intelligence officers all over the world noticed the proliferation of Game of Thrones memes in a multitude of unrelated topics over social media, researchers puzzled concerning the true energy of hype over the minds of web customers.

Thus, Project Elden Ring commenced as a follow-on and continuation of the CIA’s established groundwork in MK-ULTRA – a Cold War-era analysis and intelligence programme designed to unlock mind-control capabilities in human beings.

The goal of Project Elden Ring is to examine the psychic skills current in a massive group of Dark Souls followers. According to an trade leak identified solely as Greff Jubb, the results of the analysis are enjoying out now within the subreddit r/eldenring, which intelligence group scientists are monitoring intently.

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So far, the Elden Ring subreddit has solely gotten a few precise seconds of video of one thing they fervently imagine to be a recreation by Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki and the Game of Thrones creator, George R.R. Martin.

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Jubb tells us that the Elden Ring idea has had a way more dramatic and violent impact on the minds of these contaminated than scientists had initially estimated. However, regardless of the grave hazard posed by permitting the experiment to run, the researchers are extra involved concerning the impacts of abruptly shutting it down. They speculate this might trigger a mass breakdown across the subreddit, and the influence such an occasion would have on social infrastructure is as but unknown.

For now, the scientists have determined to permit the Elden Ring experiment to run its course, releasing snippets of “leaked gameplay” onto the web yearly or two, whereas they proceed to seek for a remedy to the illness they’ve inadvertently engineered.