The Fate/Grand Order x Fate/Grand Order Waltz within the Moonlight/Lostroom collaboration occasion is lastly stay after being introduced a month in the past. It’s titled “Shine! Grail Live!! The Grateful Crane Idol.” By taking part in by the story, gamers can internet themselves a free Foreigner model of Mysterious Heroine X Alter named “Mysterious Idol X.” As nicely, the 12 Spiritron Dresses introduced over the previous weeks will go stay. Lastly, a new SSR Servant, Miss Crane, is now out there within the gacha.

New Servants

The official Fate/Grand Order Twitter posted movies exhibiting off Mysterious Idol X and Miss Crane’s Noble Phantasms. Mysterious Idol X’s Noble Phantasm, “Luminacalibur,” is a Quick Noble Phantasm that offers harm to all enemies. It additionally offers additional harm towards enemies with the Evil alignment.

Miss Crane’s Noble Phantasm, “Perfection: A Grateful Crane’s Tearful Eulogy,” has a situational impact. It can solely activate when you might have over 20 important stars. It additionally solely works on the primary ally in your line-up. This Noble Phantasm will increase their assault and NP harm, and strikes Miss Crane to the final reserve spot.

How Fate/Grand Order: Grail Live!! Works

The Fate/Grand Order occasion’s story focuses on the Master producing Mysterious Idol X into a high idol in order that she will win the Grail Live. A gimmick of the occasion is that you want to be conscious of who you place within the middle slot of your social gathering. The middle raises important star absorption, and has a buff that enables them to get well important stars each flip.

In addition, for those who set Mysterious Idol X or a Servant carrying a new Spiritron Dress as the middle, the background music will change. The 12 new Spiritron Dresses unlock by exchanging idol tickets which you can get hold of all through the occasion’s run, versus different Spiritron Dresses that require QP or gadgets.

The Fate/Grand Order “Shine! Grail Live!! The Grateful Crane Idol” occasion runs from April 26 to May 10, 2021. Fate/Grand Order is available worldwide on cellular units, however this occasion is at the moment unique to the Japanese model.