For these seeking to get all of the trophies in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you’ll must fight a Malboro and win. However, the primary a part of the sport has no Malboro so that you can fight.

You’ll solely be capable to discover a Malboro within the post-game model of the Shinra Combat Simulator, however solely on the arduous problem. To get there, you’ll should replay Chapter 17, which you’ll head straight to utilizing the Chapter Selection menu.

The Malboro isn’t a part of a person problem, however as an alternative an extended fight the place it’ll solely seem within the closing portion. You’ll must tackle the “Three-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend” problem.

Malboro boss fight, weaknesses, and technique

To beat the Malboro, stagger it and preserve attacking it from behind. During our fight with the monster, we didn’t encounter any weaknesses, and according to the Final Fantasy Wiki, it doesn’t have any.

Its mouth will sometimes hearth out the infamous Bad Breath assault, and you do not need to get hit by it. Doing so will give Poison, Silence, Sleep, and Toad standing, which you’ll cleanse with Esuna.

Use Cloud to tank the talents from the entrance whereas Tifa and Aerith deal injury to the Malboro from behind. Make positive to look at Cloud’s well being so he doesn’t die, because the Poison standing that the Malboro can inflict is simple to neglect about.

Winning the fight will reward you with the “That’s the Smell” trophy.