There are oodles of issues we love about Valheim. You can take a few moments to loosen up and have a tendency to your crops or enterprise out into the wilderness, restoring the stays of damaged huts into cosy properties as you go. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can journey to duel bosses or collect supplies in harmful biomes. For all that we love about Valheim, although, there’s one gripe we’ve got: you can’t ride the lox.

Thankfully, somebody has now made a mod for that. Koosemose’s Mount Up mod permits you to, effectively, mount and management tamed lox, boars, and wolves. The means it really works is splendidly easy, too. Once you’ve tamed one in all the creatures, you can hop on ’em. You can management them utilizing the normal motion keys, although additionally they have a stamina bar, so don’t tucker the poor beasties out. If you’re driving a lox, you may even get a pal to hop on to get pleasure from the ride, too.

If you’re feeling significantly adventurous – learn: annoying – you may soar on one other participant’s again to get a ride. Mind you, Vikings aren’t as simply tamed, so you can’t management them. It’s value noting that this selection is off by default as you can simply abuse it, Koosemose explains. So if you wish to, ahem, mount your pals, you’ll want to show this one on.

If you’re searching for a swift crash course on easy methods to tame Valheim’s animals, it’s largely a doddle. Boars will chase after you, so you merely must lure them into a picket enclosure and tame them by feeding them mushrooms and fruit.

You’ll want frost resistance potions to enterprise into the mountains and discover wolves, although you can tempt them into a friendlier biome if you catch them on the border. They’ll break by way of a normal picket enclosure, although, so construct one thing extra sturdy.

Finally, you’ll discover the humble lox in the Plains biome. You’ll want cloudberries for these stompy boys, however they don’t are likely to wander too far, so you can get away with sneaking up on them, placing some berries down, and sneaking off.

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Image credit score: Koosemose (Nexus Mods)