For a crime game all about doing nefarious acts, Grand Theft Auto 5 doesn’t contain a lot murder – comparatively talking, a minimum of. A kill-count of each necessary kill has concluded the Mass Effect collection is extra violent, on a pure killing different NPCs degree, anyway.

The science was executed by Reddit consumer TK-576, who broke down their methodology and ends in a post. Across Franklin, Michael, and Trevor, the participant is pressured to kill 726 enemies. Franklin has the most blood on his arms, murdering 295, Trevor’s subsequent at 258, and Michael’s slacking behind with solely 172. The three have one collectively, from the finish of the open-world game.

Getting the minimal viable physique depend – MVBC for brief – took some quantity of endurance. No harmless bystanders might be harm, a problem in any Rockstar action-adventure game, the stealth route was at all times used, or a fast escape if possible, and for phases that had limitless respawn till you switched to a sure character, choices have been examined to seek out the quickest sample. There’s no approach to keep away from all the cops collapsing in ‘Blitz Play’, the put up says, however they managed to discover a speedrun that meant the participant doesn’t pull the set off to kill them. Off on a technicality, however off nonetheless.

For the final mission, Devin Weston is killed, as a result of that’s canonical to GTA Online. Curiously sufficient, which means the Mass Effect trilogy is more murderous, forcing you to kill 1,781 enemies over the course of its three entries. Half-Life isn’t far behind either, with 751. Sure, GTA provides the chance for lots extra, and your common participant will certainly go above and past right here, however it’s extra avoidable than you may assume.

Here’s a video of the kill-count, on your private verification:

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