To assist put together individuals for Samurai Shodown’s The Last Blade DLC character, SNK supplied a trace at one of the extras that may accompany her. The firm took to Twitter to share the Hibiki Takane Samurai Shodown BGM. The observe is known as “[The Last Blade~Determination in the Dawn~] -SAMURAI SHODOWN ver.-”

As the title would possibly recommend, that is a new tackle an outdated music. “[The Last Blade ~ Determination in the Dawn ~]” initially appeared in The Last Blade 2. That’s when Hibiki made her debut in that sequence. (She appeared in that installment and the NeoGeo Pocket Color follow-up The Last Blade: Beyond the Destiny.)

Here’s SNK’s new model of The Last Blade 2 observe that will likely be used as Hibiki’s Samurai Shodown BGM. The Last Blade 2 model of the observe is over three minutes lengthy, so individuals get to listen to about half of it in the clip.

Samurai Shodown is out there on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and Google Stadia. Its Hibiki DLC will seem on April 28, 2021.