In Monster Hunter Rise, you possibly can farm objects at the Argosy to develop a surplus of essential sources. However, at the begin of the recreation, you solely have a single submarine that permits you to collect objects.

To improve the quantity of things you possibly can passively acquire whereas looking, you’ll want to unlock more submarines by finishing two facet quests.

In this Monster Hunter Rise information, we’ll present you ways to unlock more submarines at the Argosy, and we’ll clarify how to full each the Cultural Exchange and Economic Stimulation requests for Rodine.

Then, after you full what you want to collect for every quest, communicate to Rondine and he or she’ll unlock a brand new submarine for you.

Table of Contents

How to full Cultural Exchange

The first quest you have to full to unlock a submarine known as Cultural Exchange. All you want to do is use three wisplanterns and three boatshells.

Wisplanterns might be discovered randomly if you collect at a Shimmering Red Berry plant throughout a High Rank Expedition Tour of the Shrine Ruins.

Boatshells might be found randomly if you search via an Oyster Bed on a High Rank Expedition Tour of the Frost Islands.

How to full Economic Stimulation

To unlock the second submarine, you have to full the Economic Stimulation quest. You want to discover 1 king rhino, three rock roses, and three bismuth prisms.

The king rhino might be discovered at the peak of the pyramid in space three of the Flooded Forest. Before heading over to that location by way of a High Rank Expedition Tour, make sure to craft a barrel bomb by combining a hearth herb and a small barrel. Use these things to break open the crumbled door at the prime of this construction.

The rock roses are scattered all through Sandy Plains. Head over to that location on a High Rank Expedition Tour, and seek for a desert rose gathering spot. These objects are randomly discovered right here, so hold looking out via the restricted places till you get the three rock roses you want.

The bismuth prisms are positioned in the Lava Caverns. On a High Rank Expedition Tour, hold an eye fixed out for iridescent ore gathering spots. There are a restricted quantity of those places on the map above, so hold looking out till you randomly obtain the three bismuth prisms you want.