Humankind is a brand new tackle Civilization-style 4X games, however the largest distinction is that as an alternative of taking pre-baked civs from the starting of historical past to the finish of recorded time, you’ll be increase a mix of historic cultures all through the eras. Developer Amplitude revealed the first Contemporary culture, the Americans, final week, and now the studio has lifted the veil on the Australians.

The Australians are a builder-type culture, a game mechanic apparently impressed by Australia’s actual mining business. The culture’s emblematic district is the Strip Mining Complex, and its emblematic unit is the all terrain PMV, which seems to take after the Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle, in use with the Australian Army and several other different army forces worldwide.

Judging by these final two reveals, Amplitude seems to be revealing the Contemporary period cultures in alphabetical order, so for those who’re hoping for an addition beginning with an A, B, or C, keep tuned next week for a possible announcement.

For now, you may see the Australian teaser under.

The Humankind release date was lately delayed to August.