The Ever Given sailed into the Suez Canal and our hearts on March 23, and spent a very long time caught in each. While the store was extricated from the canal after six days of blocking one of the greatest delivery lanes in the world, it hasn’t left the world’s creativeness. Now, of course, the time has come for it to be rebuilt in Minecraft.

This build comes courtesy of Admiral_Baguette on Reddit, who put collectively the Ever Given in-game utilizing WorldEdit instruments. The ship is 69 by 470 blocks, and was merely flipped 30 levels to get the ‘stuck’ impact. As commenters on Reddit have famous, it’d be even higher if the excavator was there, however Admiral_Baguette says “Might add it later. I spent 11 hours on the ship and just wanted it done so I could go to bed.”

Sadly, there’s no world obtain for this one, however Admiral_Baguette is also working on constructing “a port with a bunch of ships like this, so I might make a download for that.”

For extra cool Minecraft builds, you possibly can comply with that hyperlink.