Mega Man X DiVE, the cellular spin-off of the basic Mega Man X collection, will add a new character primarily based on the Maverick Hunters navigator Iris. While a number of variations of Iris appeared earlier than, the newest addition is extra of a deep reduce from Mega Man X‘s lore. [Thanks, Resetera!]

The new model of Iris being added to Mega Man X DiVE is referred to as “Iris -another-” and was designed by Capcom Illustrator Keisuke Mizuno. Mizuno is credited on a variety of Mega Man titles, together with the Battle Network, Star Force, and collection. His is the primary new, unique Mega Man X collection design in ten years.

Here’s a trailer exhibiting off Iris -another-:

This new model of Iris wields an power blade and calls herself “The Proud Sword of Justice.” As may be implied by the “another” in her title, this Iris is one thing of a “What-If” character, together with her idea primarily based on another consequence. While the canonical model of Iris is finest recognized for getting Zero to query what he’s fighting for, Iris -another- is sort of succesful in battle, mixing components of her brother Colonel’s type into her personal strategy to fight. In Mega Man X DiVE, Iris -another- can leverage a potent counter stance, negating incoming hits and utilizing them to revive her well being and combat again. Iris -another- is voiced by Aya Endo, who additionally voiced Quetzalcoatl in Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front BabyloniaMacross Frontier‘s Sheryl Nome, and Final Fantasy XIV‘s Yda.

Iris -another- joins Mega Man X DiVE‘s playable roster as part of the upcoming DiVE Festival event, which runs from April 28, 2021, through May 5, 2021. Mega Man X DiVE is available on Southeast Asian and Japanese Android and iOS app stores (where it’s often known as Rockman X DiVE). No plans for a North American or European launch have been introduced. The recreation additionally crossed over with the anime collection Hi Score Girl in a one-shot manga chapter.