There’s few video games much less more likely to ever come to PC than Super Mario Bros, and one Minecraft player has determined to construct their very own model. Essentially a large-scale diorama, they’ve remade World 1-1 of the old game, with the likelihood the remainder may observe.

Posted on r/Minecraft, TheBestTomatoKing shared a video of their art-piece devoted to the platformer game. Stepping on a pad to kick off that basic theme, they begin floating alongside the trailer of their creation, Mario and a few Goombas positioned at sure factors to present a way of motion. Question packing containers are positioned appropriately, and zooming over one grants that pleasing sound of selecting up some cash.

The entire is huge, and clearly took fairly a bit of labor. The ending citadel is in place, and behind it, a warp pipe for an undergound secret, stuffed with but extra cash. Although it’s not playable in a traditional sense, it does nonetheless evoke that sense of acquainted nostalgia, particularly on condition that Minecraft’s blocky aesthetic means this seems like an unimaginable upscaling of the unique. Bowser’s citadel and a few of the extra intricate ranges, like World 6-1, with Lakitu floating about, can be fascinating to see.

Here’s the video:

If this has you pondering of entering into the building game for your self, we’ve a listing of Minecraft ideas that aren’t Nintendo, for inspiration.