Magnamalo is the flagship monster for Monster Hunter Rise, and it’s little question one of many fiercer monsters you’ll encounter. This devastatingly highly effective enemy comes with a lighting-fast moveset and debilitating hellblight ability that may problem even probably the most seasoned of hunters.

In our Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo guide, we’ll supply our greatest suggestions that will help you correctly put together your self earlier than participating the Magnamalo in fight.

Unlocking Magnamalo

The Magnamalo is obtainable to hunt at Hub Rank 3, as it’s the Hub Rank 2 Urgent Quest. That places the Magnamalo at a reasonably early unlock for gamers. In truth, you’ll be able to struggle the Magnamalo inside the first three hours of Monster Hunter Rise by the Hub Progress quests, however we wouldn’t advise that for brand new gamers.

The Village Rank unlock quest for the Magnamalo turns into out there at Village Rank 5, because it’s the Village Rank 4 Urgent Quest for comparability.

The finest gear for Magnamalo

Equip your self with the very best gear potential at your respective Hunter Rank earlier than tackling the Magnamalo quest.

This contains the Somnacanth, Barioth, and Rathian gear on the acceptable Village Rank. For Hub Rank, strive the Bishaten armor with a weapon of your selecting. (Once once more, selecting to unlock the Magnamalo by the Hub quests will probably be considerably more durable and will probably be far more difficult.)

As you’ll be able to see within the screenshot under, Magnamalo is extraordinarily prone to the Waterblight standing impact. Using weapons constituted of the Somnacanth or the Royal Ludroth will do the trick. However, as we performed by the sport, we merely picked the weapon that had the best out there assault stat on the time, and we had been in a position to get by the search properly sufficient.

Best gadgets

Make certain you’ve gotten loads of therapeutic gadgets. Stock up on Mega Potions, Max Potions, and Ancient Potions earlier than you head into the search. You could make Max Potions and Ancient Potions pretty early on within the sport with the next supplies.

Max Potion

  • Catalyst (Bitterbug + Honey)
  • Mandragora

Ancient Potion

  • Immunizer (Bitterbug + Mandragora)
  • Kelbi Horn

Capturing Magnamalo

It’s higher to seize the Magnamalo than it’s to kill it. Not solely does capturing monsters usually yield extra rewards, however it should additionally considerably lower the time it takes to beat Magnamalo — and the earlier the struggle is over, the much less alternative that Magnamalo has to knock you out.

Magnamalo methods

Use what technique you are feeling is finest for you, and no matter will get you thru the struggle. Just ensure you go in ready, because the Magnamalo isn’t a pushover. Here are a number of suggestions for the struggle.

Stay shut or keep away

The Magnamalo is an extremely dexterous enemy. If you’re utilizing melee weapons, then keep near Magnamalo.

When utilizing twin blades and different weapons with out shields, we discovered that it’s only to remain across the hind legs of the Magnamalo. This prevented us from getting caught in any harmful hellblight clouds (extra on these in a second).

If you’re utilizing ranged weapons, it’s finest to remain as far-off from the Magnamalo and provides your self some respiratory room between assaults. If you’re utilizing the Bow, Light Bowgun, or Heavy Bowgun, then let your pals (or your Palico and Palamute) stand up shut and private with the monster.

Beware the purple hellblight clouds

Watch out for any purple clouds that seem across the monster. They explode upon influence with the Magnamalo, immediately killing unprepared gamers and anybody who doesn’t have armor with sufficient protection.

If you get hit with the hellblight ability (as indicated by a purple fireplace image over your well being bar), use the Wirebug to sprint and go away the standing impact behind you. Literally.

Watch the tail

Pay consideration to the Magnamalo’s tail, particularly in case you see it waving its tail round in round motions.

It is perhaps about to shoot six projectiles, however the Magnamalo might additionally shoot a laser from its tail that may probably immediately down gamers. You can inform the distinction primarily based on how briskly the Magnamalo is rotating the tip of its tail and the scale of the fireplace that accumulates there.

Use the Wirebug to flee

Get able to do plenty of dodging and utilizing the Wirebug to get away from the Magnamalo when it enrages. You can simply inform when the Magnamalo is enraged by the purple fireplace engulfs the monster, together with the elongated fangs, blades at its forelegs, and the size of its horns.