In New Pokémon Snap, every of the Lental area’s areas has its personal big Illumina Pokémon. Belusylva’s Illumina Pokémon is a Milotic who swims below the water, avoiding all of your Illumina Orbs till you carry it to the floor.

On your first go to to the Belusylva Illumina Spot, you might want to {photograph} Milotic whereas the Illumina impact is in motion. You can activate it by throwing a few Illumina Orbs at it, however it would disguise below the water out of attain.

To make Milotic come to the floor, hit it with a Fluffruit. After you hit it as soon as, it’ll wince and floor, permitting you to throw Illumina Orbs at it freely. You’ll know when the Illumina impact has kicked in, because the Milotic will fortunately shout, and glowing swirls will seem on its physique.

As it swims to totally different elements of the mount, the Illumina impact will put on off, and it’ll return underwater. Throw extra Fluffruit at it, and repeat the method to make it glow once more.

Keeping the Illumina Pokémon glowing is vital, because it’ll pose in new methods, use skills, and even carry out new Pokémon to {photograph}.

On your second go to to the Belusylva Illumina Spot, you’ll see extra Pokémon there, like Lotad and Ninetails.