In New Pokémon Snap, every of the Lental area’s areas has its personal enormous Illumina Pokémon. Maricopia’s Illumina Pokémon is a Wishiwashi, who swims round in each its Solo Form and its School Form.

On your first go to to the Maricopia Illumina Spot, you should take pictures of Wishiwashi whereas the Illumina impact is in motion. You can activate it by throwing a few Illumina Orbs at it.

Wishiwashi will swim round in its Solo Form as a single small fish. Throw Illumina Orbs at a handful of the small fish. After sufficient begin to glow, they’ll all swim off as return within the massive School Form. Throw extra Illumina Orbs on the bigger Wishiwashi to get the Illumina impact, which can trigger massive, colourful circles to point out up on its physique. The impact wears off over time, so that you’ll have to throw extra.

Using Illumina Flowers across the map is helpful for hitting a number of Solo Form Wishiwashi with one orb. When a cluster of the small fish are close to a flower, hit the flower with an Illumina Orb to mild all of them up without delay.

Keeping the Illumina Pokémon glowing is essential, because it’ll pose in new methods, use skills, and even deliver out new Pokémon to {photograph}.

On your second go to to the Maricopia Illumina Spot, you’ll see extra Pokémon there, like Wailmer and Luvdisc.