Rune Factory 5 makes its Japanese debut in May 2021, however impatient folks can feast their senses on an prolonged tour of the city of Rigbarth within the recreation’s newest trailer. Viewers get to go on a five-minute stroll with Livia, Chief of Seed, the native safety group.

Here’s the brand new Japanese video.

The trailer is narrated by Livia and visits every of the most important Rigbarth areas in Rune Factory 5. The tour kicks off at Rigbarth Station, headquarters of the native Seed division. It’s staffed by Gandage, supervisor of Seed, and native Seed recruits Scarlett and Priscilla. The two are additionally potential marriage candidates.

The Rigbarth walkthrough additionally visits Randolph and Yuki, the married bakers, and the restaurant run by Priscilla’s older sister Elsje and dog-girl bachelorette Fuka. Stops are made to name in on Simone, Lucy, and Julian on the infirmary, Murakumo (an eligible bachelor) on the bathhouse, the crystal store run by Lucas and Heinz, the carpenters Palmo and Lyka, and the inkeepers Misasagi and Hina. Other Rigbarth establishments that may be visited in Rune Factory 5 embrace Martin and Dogu’s smithy, Terry and Cecil’s Detective Agency, Ludmila’s flower store, and the ruins the place Beatrice and Reinhard stand guard.

Rune Factory 5 is popping out in Japan for the Nintendo Switch on May 20, 2021. An actual abroad launch date is unconfirmed, however at present scheduled for 2021.