When Popola sends you to Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139…’s Forest of Myth, you’ll shortly end up trapped within the Deathdream (and a textual content journey).

There are three folks to talk to within the Forest of Myth. Their areas are proven on the map under.

In this Nier Replicant remake information, we’ll provide the answers to each riddle and maze so you may break the seal of the Deathdream and free the villagers.

Nier Replicant Forest of Myth answers and walkthrough

Forest of Myth mayor and villager areas.
Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Toylogic/Square Enix by way of Polygon

Nier Replicant Forest of Myth Mayor riddle answers

When you first enter the Forest of Myth, converse to the mayor. After an extended dialog and a few studying, you’ll be confronted along with your first riddle:

One with it’s missing. Two with it’s very best.
Three with it’s harmful. What is it?

Choose “The answer is … a secret” as your first reply.

Just a little extra textual content a couple of rippling pond presents you with the second riddle:

I enter by means of the window, however break no glass.
When night time falls, I vanish. What am I?

Choose “Sunlight!” as your second reply.

When your textual content journey leads you to a cottage and an outdated man, you’ll get your third and last riddle:

I’ve 4 legs within the morning and two at midday, however finish the night time with three. What am I?

Choose “A man” in your last reply.

As a reward, you’ll obtain the Dark Execution Sealed Verse.

Nier Replicant Forest of Myth villager 1 answers

From the mayor, proceed to the villager on the north edge of the Forest of Myth. Speak with them to enter this particular person’s dream.

After additional textual content adventures, reply:

  • “… and proceed north”
  • “… and proceed east”
  • “… and proceed north”
  • “… and proceed east”
  • After a beautiful description of a feast, select “… and proceed north.”

Nier Replicant Forest of Myth villager 2 riddle reply

From the primary villager, proceed east and slightly south throughout the trail to seek out one other villager.

After yet one more textual content journey by means of the City of Art, you’ll discover three statues — Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. A chook will inform you:

Only one type is actual. The others are false.
The actual type will at all times converse the reality.
The false ones will solely converse lies.

When they arrive to life, Alpha will assert that they’re actual, Beta will insist Alpha is mendacity and that they’re actual, and Gamma will say Beta is mendacity and that they’re actual. When prompted, reply with “The real one is Beta.” (Grimoire Weiss will break down the logic behind it after you reply.)

Collect your reward

Once each villagers are free of the Deathdream, return to the mayor. He provides you with the one-handed sword Faith.